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Meet Our Team

Lillianna Johnson


Sameth (Sam) Lightfoot


Gary Johnson

Vice President

12 years serving the greater Ohio and surrounding areas

We've loved every minute of our journey. When you need environmental service, our experienced consultants and specialists will help you through all phases of your projects.

Dedicated to quality

Our inspectors and specialists are dedicated and highly trained individuals who strive to provide quality services to all our clients.

Mold growth behind wallpaper.

Asbestos-containing floor tile and associated mastic.

Ambient air sampling for volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Damaged asbestos-containing pipe insulation in a crawl space above a plaster ceiling.

Schwind Building Implosion-Dayton, OH

We provided all environmental services and testing, hazardous material abatement specifications and oversight, and demolition project management for the developer.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee